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About Us

LashDream is a brand that was created by professionals who have been working with semi-permanent eyelash extensions since 2008.

LashDream prides itself in offering its customers and partners only the highest quality of eyelash extension products and services. We put extra effort into continuously educating our staff and Trainers with the latest trends and most innovative techniques and materials in this field.

All the materials that are used in our products are well tested, checked, and comply with health and safety regulations.

We choose our production partners very carefully in order to always deliver the results based on standard of quality that we have set for ourselves.

LashDream semi-permanent eyelash extensions and appliances are sold internationally.



Private label products


We also offer our services and products to companies that are interested in private labeled produce.

For further information and quantities please contact us.


Training Courses:


Our company specialises in training professionals in semi-permanent eyelash extensions and application techniques.

Our Trainers are fluent in different languages and have years of international experience in applying eyelash extensions. Currently we are offering our trainings in Italian, English, Russian, and Estonian language.

Our trainings take place in our LashDream Lash Bar in the heart of Milan.

Everyone who has sucessfully passed our training, will be certified with an internationally recognised LashDream certificate.


LashDream Lash bar:


LashDream Lash Bar is the first salon in Milan that concentrates only on semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Our salon is located in the heart of Milan and is easily reached by public transportation.

LashDream eyelash extensions are applied by our certified Techniciand also in other salons around Italy and Europe.

If you are not in Milano and would like to know where is the nearest LashDream certified salon to you, please contact us, and we will let you know.