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Swift -Express- Lashes Courses

LashDream is the first to introduce this completely new technique to the Italian market. It is called Swift Lashes, and as the name implies, it means a speedy application of eyelash extensions – as fast as within 30 to 40 minutes!

We suggest but do not restrict this course to professionals who are already familiar with the classical eyelash extending technique and know the basics.

It is a fantastic opportunity to gain additional skills and offer something new to your clients who value their time.

Swift Lashes technique differs from the classical technique of applying semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Swift Lashes treatment is performed on a client with their eyes opened throughout the treatment while they are sitting. A different kind of glue and application technique is used.


Price of the course: 220€ + VAT

Course includes a starting kit with materials for extending eyelashes


Course outline:

Day 1:

Theory (1 hours):

  • Swift lashes technique
  • Use of individual lashes on a strip
  • Various materials
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Marketing materials

Practical part (2 hours):

  • Demonstration on a model
  • Applying swift lashes to a model
  • How to be faster in applying swift lashes
  • Student will receive the LashDream certificate

LashDream trainer will be there for you and will follow your progress every step of the way!

Our groups are small – no more than 4 people.

We will provide you with a starting kit that includes:

  • Mix Box of mink lashes (for approximately 50 to 60 applications)
  • 1 set of straight tweezers
  • 1 bottle of glue for swift lashes
  • 5 glue rings
  • 1 bottle of remover
  • Training materials
  • Promotional materials and information sheets:
  • LashDream window sticker
  • Poster
  • Promotional materials and information sheets


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