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Extending Eyelashes with Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

LashDream Therapists and Instructors all have more than 5 years of international experience in applying semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

This has helped us to achieve very speedy application of eyelash extensions.
Our Therapists apply a full set of eyelash extensions in approx. 1hour and 30 minutes. During this time, the Therapist applies around 90-120 eyelash extensions to each eye.
In order to experience the speedy, accurate, and high quality service, come and visit us at the LashDream LashBar in Milano.
You are also welcome to learn the eyelash extending techniques by joining our professional courses.

Long and Voluminous Eyelashes:

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions were born in Asia, in 2002. They were developed to offer longer and thicker eyelashes to people with oriental eyes. Several years later, the technique reached USA and Europe and was mostly used in entertainment and fashion industry.

At this day, everybody can have the luxurious and sky-reaching eyelashes thanks to our very relaxing treatment.

You can choose between different treatments, such as Swift Lashes that take only up to 30-40 minutes to apply. Other treatments with semi-permanent eyelash extensions take up to 90 minutes to apply, depending on the look you want to achieve.


What is Swift Lashes Technique?


The Swift Lashes treatment is performed while the client is seated and has eyes opened; Odourless glue is used.

Application time for Swift Lashes is around 30-40 minutes.

Swift Lashes need to be removed after 2 weeks and be replaced with a new set, as with this technique the eyelash extensions are not glued on eyelashes one-by-one.

When they are removed after 2 weeks the natural eyelash is still healthy and undamaged.

This treatment is perfect for:

  • clients who can’t keep their eyes closed for long periods of time.
  • clients who want to be carefree during holidays
  • clients who are in a hurry and do not have longer than 30 minutes, but would still like to have beautiful looking eyelashes.
  • photo shoots – if the client does not want to use strip lashes. Swift Lashes give a more natural look than strip lashes.

We suggest Swift Lashes courses to Therapists who already know how to apply semi-permanent eyelash-extensions and wish to offer something new to their clients.